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DISConnect Disc Golf is proud to sponsor local disc golfers and support their passion for the sport!

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Laney Vickers

Laney began playing disc golf in 2010 but began competing in PDGA tournaments in 2013. His favorite go-to discs are the Buzzz and Zone both made by Discraft. In 2018 Laney won the Sipapu Summer Slam in the Advanced division, quickly making Sipapu one of his favorite courses to play.

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Jenny Munn

Jenny began playing disc golf in 2014 and began competing in PDGA events that same year. She began playing in the Open division in 2016. In 2018 she won the New Mexico State Championship. 

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Jonah Ellis

Jonah has been playing competitively for 3 years. His favorite discs are the Discraft Crank, Discraft Comet, and the Discraft Nuke. Jonah’s favorite course is Sipapu in New Mexico because he says that enjoys the elevation.

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Vicente Trujillo

He began playing disc golf in 1996. He has 49 career wins and at the young age of 70 he still travels and competes at events all over the United States.


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Marcus Roberts

He started playing disc golf in 1990 and began competing in the Open division is 1996. His top 3 discs are a PFN Wraith, a CE Teebird, and a CE Roc. Marcus’s favorite course is Dogwood because he says that it really tests all of your skills.

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Holly May

Holly was the 2019 Advanced Women winner of the New Mexico State Championship and has won 11 out of the 18 PDGA events that she has participated in.

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Josh May

Josh is a former President of their local club and enjoys growing the sport in his community.

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Chris Lee

He has been a member of the PDGA since 2006. Chris has 6 career wins as an amateur with one of those claiming him the title of the 19th New Mexico State Champion. He began playing Open in 2008 and got his first open win 2010 at the Top of Texas Open.

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Amanda Weatherman

She began playing disc golf casually in 2011 for exercise and began competing in PDGA events in 2018. Her favorite driver is the Opto Diamond. She says it is the most versatile disc in her bag. She uses it for straight shots, anhyzers, and hyper flips. 2019 Amanda won 1st place at the Wild Hair in the FA40 division.



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Chris Weatherman

He has been a member of the PDGA since 2018. Chris is from Abilene, Texas and calls Will Hair and Cal Young his home courses. Since 2018, Chris has 3 PDGA wins, 2 as an Amateur Master and 1 in the Pro Masters 40+ division.

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Jeremy Ellis

He is a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps and a father of 9. He began playing disc golf in 2008 but says his “addiction” developed in 2017. His favorite thing is to hang out on the course with 4 of his boys while doing something he loves and watching them succeed at it. His top 3 discs are Innova Firebird, the Discraft Zone and Banger GT.


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Juan Anthony Cruz

He lives in Carlsbad, NM. Anthony has been competing for about 3 years. His favorite 3 discs are the Discraft Nuke for distance (& this kid can throw far!!), the Buzzz because it is reliable, and the Undertaker because it is very controllable.

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Jaiden Cruz

Juan Anthony’s younger brother. He is newer to the game but following in his older brother’s footsteps as a fierce competitor. Jaiden joined the PDGA in 2021 and already has a Win. He took 1st place at the 19th Annual Crush on the Concho, winning the Junior <10 divison in a head to head playoff.


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Brooks Jones

He began playing disc golf in 2013. His favorite course is Peter Pan in Emporia, KS. The highlight of his disc golf career was making an Ace at the Glass Blown Open. His favorite discs are the Dynamic Discs Trespass and the BT Soft Shield.



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Oliver Hope

He first started playing disc golf in 2004. His top 3 discs are the Gateway Wizard, Innova Leopard, and the Inova Thunderbird. Oliver’s favorite 2 courses are Sipapu in New Mexico and Seneca Creek in Maryland. Oliver is a 3x winner at West Texas Championships.